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My training is in Integrative Psychotherapy, which means I can work in different ways depending on your situation and what you need and draw on different approaches to help you. To help me do this, I’ll focus on listening to you to understand what’s going on for you, to know how I might best support you. Our first sessions will usually involve you sharing some of your history, describing your important relationships, and any significant events you feel are important or related to the challenges that brought you to get help.


We’ll work together to develop a strong relationship where you feel safe and trusting, so you’re able to share anything you need knowing that you'll be heard and understood. Sometimes, just having a place and time that’s only for you and about you, with someone who listens and cares, can be powerful. Other times, you might need me to help with figuring out what you're experiencing and why, or to challenge your thinking and help you develop new ideas. Always, you’ll have the continuity of me being there for you every week, listening to anything you need to share without judgment, and helping you work through whatever you need to deal with.

Therapy room Chiswick W4



For those interested in the therapy modalities I use, my practice is founded on relational, intersubjective psychotherapy, informed by attachment theory in understanding how your early childhood experiences with parents and other significant carers affect how you develop relationships later in life. I work with self-psychology to understand how your sense of self and your identity developed in childhood and beyond, and how this is influenced by and influences your early relationships. I also use existential psychotherapy models to understand how you develop meaning in your life or the struggles you might have with doing this.


I focus both on the impact of your past childhood experiences on your life today and what’s happening for you now, using our relationship and how we experience each other to help us understand how you develop and maintain relationships in the rest of your life.


I charge £90 per 50 minute session.

Some low cost sessions are available at £45 per session for those on low income.

I work with



Young Adults

Older Adults

I can help with



Relationship issues

Bereavement, grief & loss

Employment difficulties

Gender Identity

Self-worth Issues


Work Stress

Types of therapy I use

Integrative Psychotherapy

Existential Psychotherapy

Attachment Informed

Self Psychology

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